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Full-service website design, Internet marketing solutions, network administration, and software application development are provided by the experts at BIT Concepts in Louisville Kentucky. We have the experience to work with you to achieve the connections between e-business and your business.

True Internet integration helps businesses reach out using web-based solutions that ensure system reliability, scalability, security and cost-effectiveness. Through its diverse technical team, BIT Concepts brings years of direct experience to help you create a cohesive Website strategy and achieve a desired return on your investment.

BIT Concepts specializes in helping businesses capitalize on the potential of the Internet. We will guide you around the pitfalls of Internet development. We partner with our clients and respond to their unique requirements to create an integrated solution to their web presence. We ask the questions that uncover what you do and how you do it. We dig deeper to understand your customers, their habits and their needs. Then we bring it all together in a dynamic format that integrates customer and client.

We invite you to explore our website:

And then contact us today to learn more from BIT Concepts and what true Internet integration can do for your business.

To give you a better idea of the types of e-commerce solutions we can offer, we've incorporated some interactive demonstrations into our site that allow you to participate as a user.

Our Image Gallery is a unique product developed by BIT Concepts that allows the user to create a web-based studio of pictures, videos, or sound clips for their websites. On the spectrum of functionality, BIT Concepts can help you deploy low cost file-driven images to high-level database-driven imaging capabilities depending on your needs.

Our Home Gallery is an interactive listing management system for real estate agencies and individual agents. With ease and accuracy, you can have your listings visible and working for you in minutes. Our Home Gallery system can be added to your existing website or hosted on our own servers. Either way, it can be completely customized to take on the feel of any website and can be used to showcase any property including residential, development, commercial, and rental.

Our Sales Calendar Interactive Demonstration is modeled after a calendar application we developed for the sales staff at a large manufacturing company. This demo puts you in the role of a sales person. It works as a scheduler allowing you to add, edit and delete Sales Calls for yourself and to view your schedule on the visual calendar.

Our Technology Store Interactive Demonstration puts you in the middle of a working store. This demo is modeled after a store we developed for a materials manufacturer who wanted to be able to sell surplus materials to their dealers at discount prices.

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